Case Study: Modular Disabled Wet-Room, Bedroom & Link Corridor (9m x 3m) ~ Complex Needs

June 13th, 2019

Initial Enquiry: We were contacted by the Occupational Therapist (OT) to see if we could help one of her clients, a child with spina bifida. The child needed to move to her grandparents property as quickly as possible, but their home was not currently adapted or suitable for the child due to the bathroom and bedroom facilities on offer.

TSG had recently piloted their Modular Wet Rooms with several insurance companies’ customers and had received very positive feedback. The flexible and scalable nature of the Modular Pods meant that with just a few changes to the interior layout, the Pod could be adapted to become separate rooms. As a result, we believed we could create a quick solution to meet the OT’s needs whilst a long-term solution was planned.

June 18th, 2019

TSG Solution: Our Service Team Manager met with all the involved parties: OT, Local Authority (LA) and grandparents at their property. We gained a full understanding of what the grandparents and child needed, alongside conducting a detailed site survey of the outside space to assess what we could provide given the available space.

June 21st, 2019

Detailed plans where provided to the OT which included a 3m x 2m wide link corridor which would provide direct access from the house into the Modular Pod’s bedroom. The 3m x 3m bedroom would include a window with blind, carpet tiled floor and additional plug sockets (required for adjustable bed). This area would lead via a doorway to a 3m x 3m wet room which would include a shower, seat and grab rails, basin and toilet, again with support rails.

The OT requested some minor alterations to the inside layout, which we were able to accommodate. The plans and quote for the installation and hire of the Modular Pod was then passed on to the LA for approval.

July 15th, 2019

Outcome: TSG were asked to construct and fully commission the Modular Bathroom and Bedroom Pod before a deadline date of 23rd July. The full Pod was built in one day with enough time to address any snagging or minor changes required – on this occasion that only involved relocating a socket panel.

Our temporary facilities provided an interim solution whilst the house was permanently adapted. Without the temporary bedroom and bathroom, the child would have had to remain in the care of the local authority or suitable alternative accommodation for all the family would have needed to be sought, which would have proved difficult, expensive and meant more disturbance for the family.

Customer Feedback:
OT –
I’ve been there this afternoon when my client moved in. The Pod is great! The space is perfect, and we were able to use a mobile hoist with hospital bed easily. Thank you so much.”

LA –I have to say, I was impressed with the Pods when I went to visit a few weeks ago and I know the child also was. Without it I do not know how she would have been able to move in and live with grandparents.”

Customer – I cannot thank you all enough, the speed of organisation and build has been staggering and the team who attended the property have all been outstanding.