July 19th, 2019

Initial Enquiry: We were initially contacted by the customers insurance company to see if one of our temporary solutions would be suitable, given the damage at the property and the customers circumstance.

There had been a major oil leak at the property causing severe contamination to the ground floor and it was unclear how long decontamination and repair works would take until a thorough investigation could take place. Unfortunately, this investigation could not start until suitable alternative accommodation could be found and this was proving to be difficult.

The customers home was also a small holding, which included the care of several animals, and home to her 91-year-old mother. Due to the rural setting the nearest rental accommodation was 10 miles away and this property would only house the customer and her mother, who was very anxious about any move. This would have meant the customer’s mother either being left alone for prolonged periods whilst her daughter was back at the house tending to the animals or employing carers to be with her during this time. Both options were unsuitable.

July 24th  2019

TSG Solution: Our Service Team Manager met with the customer at the property. We gained an understanding of what the customer needed in order to for her and her mother to stay close to her property.

Due to the large area available outside the property, we were able to suggest a Modular Bungalow, measuring 15m x 3m which would include a 3m x 3m wet room, two 3m x 3m bedrooms and a 6m x 3m kitchen/diner.

August 12th, 2019

Outcome: TSG were able to provide this bespoke solution in under 3 weeks, with the build and commission taking only 3 days. The bungalow included; wet room with shower, basin and toilet, 2 bedrooms which were carpeted with windows and blinds, a kitchen/diner which came with a freestanding kitchen area and cupboard space and the seating area, including TV aerial so that the TV was usable in the building.

The speed of a usable and suitable solution reduced delays in the repair work starting. It also reduced the stress and anxiety being experienced by the customers. There were no additional carer costs, rental cost or additional expenses incurred.