Junior pop-up temporary kitchen

Launch of new Ellesmere Pod and Jr. Capsule Kitchen

The Temporary Kitchen Company are excited to introduce two new products to the alternative accommodation market; enabling more customers to remain in the comfort of their own homes whilst repair work takes place.

We are now delivering more solutions to the AA market than ever before and are always disappointed when we are unable to help a customer who wants to stay at home. This is generally down to available space to house the internal or external kitchen products. The Ellesmere Pod and the Jr. Pop-up Capsule are the fifth and sixth products to be added to the TKC portfolio, developed and created with customers in mind. Our new Kitchen Pod takes into consideration the often-limited space available at customers’ properties and marries together a compact design with the quality and appliances expected of a modern domestic kitchen. The Junior Pop-up Capsule provides the basic requirements of a fully functioning kitchen but still allows flexibility in its design.

Customer choice is at the heart of our service and has driven the development and products from the outset of our business. Our aim with our latest products is to provide insurers with even more options when their customers want to stay in their homes during property repairs.

Our two latest temporary kitchen solutions join our Scarisbrick Pod, Vancouver Pod, Grosvenor Pod and the Pop-Up Capsule Kitchen as a solution and remedy to the upheaval and anxiety caused as a result of having to move into a hotel or rented accommodation during what is already a very stressful time.