Case Study: Modular Disabled Wet-Room, Bedroom & Link Corridor (9m x 3m) ~ Complex Needs

June 13th, 2019

Initial Enquiry: We were contacted by the Occupational Therapist (OT) to see if we could help one of her clients, a child with spina bifida. The child needed to move to her grandparents property as quickly as possible, but their home was not currently adapted or suitable for the child due to the bathroom and bedroom facilities on offer.

TSG had recently piloted their Modular Wet Rooms with several insurance companies’ customers and had received very positive feedback. The flexible and scalable nature of the Modular Pods meant that with just a few changes to the interior layout, the Pod could be adapted to become separate rooms. As a result, we believed we could create a quick solution to meet the OT’s needs whilst a long-term solution was planned.

June 18th, 2019

TSG Solution: Our Service Team Manager met with all the involved parties: OT, Local Authority (LA) and grandparents at their property. We gained a full understanding of what the grandparents and child needed, alongside conducting a detailed site survey of the outside space to assess what we could provide given the available space.

June 21st, 2019

Detailed plans where provided to the OT which included a 3m x 2m wide link corridor which would provide direct access from the house into the Modular Pod’s bedroom. The 3m x 3m bedroom would include a window with blind, carpet tiled floor and additional plug sockets (required for adjustable bed). This area would lead via a doorway to a 3m x 3m wet room which would include a shower, seat and grab rails, basin and toilet, again with support rails.

The OT requested some minor alterations to the inside layout, which we were able to accommodate. The plans and quote for the installation and hire of the Modular Pod was then passed on to the LA for approval.

July 15th, 2019

Outcome: TSG were asked to construct and fully commission the Modular Bathroom and Bedroom Pod before a deadline date of 23rd July. The full Pod was built in one day with enough time to address any snagging or minor changes required – on this occasion that only involved relocating a socket panel.

Our temporary facilities provided an interim solution whilst the house was permanently adapted. Without the temporary bedroom and bathroom, the child would have had to remain in the care of the local authority or suitable alternative accommodation for all the family would have needed to be sought, which would have proved difficult, expensive and meant more disturbance for the family.

Customer Feedback:
OT –
I’ve been there this afternoon when my client moved in. The Pod is great! The space is perfect, and we were able to use a mobile hoist with hospital bed easily. Thank you so much.”

LA –I have to say, I was impressed with the Pods when I went to visit a few weeks ago and I know the child also was. Without it I do not know how she would have been able to move in and live with grandparents.”

Customer – I cannot thank you all enough, the speed of organisation and build has been staggering and the team who attended the property have all been outstanding.

Case Study: Modular Wet Room & Utility Sink (3m x 3m)

July 31st, 2019

Initial Enquiry: TSG were contacted by the customer’s Specialist Rehabilitation Case Manager who was looking for a bathroom solution for her elderly patient who was suffering from a spinal cord injury after an accident and was currently wheelchair bound.

The long-term nature of the customers injuries and a rehabilitation plan were still to be determined and it was unclear at this point whether permanent adaptation to the home would be needed. Who would be responsible for any future changes and support was also in question due to legal and insurers involvement in the accident.

Customer Circumstance: The customer was unable to access the front of her house due to narrow doorways and was therefore restricted to living, washing and using toilet facilities in the lounge at the back of her property, a room which overlooked the garden. The Case Manager was keen to improve her patients living environment and restore some dignity by providing a separate wet room and an area which could be used as a kitchenette.

August 2nd, 2019

TSG Survey: Our Service Team Manager met with the customer and her daughter, at the property to carry out a site survey of the area and available space. He also spoke to the family to understand the current situation, to ascertain what they wanted to achieve.

The customer really wanted separate bathroom facilities, so she no longer had to use a commode. She was also keen to have an accessible area where a sink and worktop could be provided so that she could make drinks and microwave meals occasionally. She was also keen to get into her garden, another area that had been inaccessible to her.

TSG Solution: TSG provided plans for a 4m x 2m wet room with a separate utility space including a larger kitchen sink and worktop area that was wheelchair friendly. The wet room would be accessible from the rear of the property and to deal with different heights between the property and garden a lift and ramp would also be provided. This also provided the customer with access to her wet room, kitchenette and garden.

August 9th, 2019

Outcome: TSG were able to install and commission the wet room and kitchenette in one day, within a week of the plans being agreed. This gave the customer the freedom and dignity she so wanted with a matter of days.

Had our solution not been available, the customer would for the foreseeable future be limited to living in one room which was neither fit for purpose or beneficial to the customers long-term recovery.

Customer Feedback:
Case Manager –
The TSG team have been wonderful in their prompt response and the amount of time they spent with the client was wonderful.”

Launch of Sister Company – The Temporary Storage Company

We are very excited to announce the launch of sister company, The Temporary Storage Company (TSC), whose goal like The Temporary Kitchen Company (TKC), is to provide customers with choice and convenience during chaos. Both TKC and TSC sit beneath parent company, Temporary Solutions Group.

TSC manufacture, deliver and supply insulated weather tight modular storage pods, fitted with lighting, temperature and humidity control, which can be commissioned by our specialist team in under 4 hours*. The Pod’s unique modular design makes them easy to transport and assemble in any available outdoor space at the property, requiring no fixings or adaptations to the home. To meet the customer’s storage needs the pods are constructed in 2m W x 1m L modules.


  • Provides extra storage room during repairs
  • Scalable – built to customers storage space requirements
  • No removal arrangements or fees
  • No risk of damage to goods through transportation offsite or warehouse movements
  • No travelling to and from storage facility to find goods
  • Access to belongings 24/7
  • Secured with 6 pin mortice lock
  • Temperature and humidity controlled
  • Automatic sensor lighting (internal and external)
  • Modular flatpack design allows delivery through a property
  • No delays in getting goods removed or returned, pre and post repair
  • Avoids delays to program of works
  • No minimum hire periods
  • Adaptable design means door and electrics panels can be located at any point in the pod

Customers also benefit from knowing that this product and service is being delivered by the same TKC team who have built a reputation based on reliability, quality, innovation and customer excellence.

During the pilot, Storage Pods have been delivered to selection of properties to address a number of scenarios:

  • 10m x 2m onsite storage of goods after a house fire (large detached farmhouse property)
  • 4m x 2m of extra storage space to allow for a Pop-Up Capsule Kitchen following a pipe leak (terraced property)
  • 6m x 2m Storage Pod for goods during a substantial property renovation (detached property)

On all occasions the feedback from customers has been fantastic – “the ability to access my goods was a godsend. It actually meant I could free up more space in my property knowing that when I needed something, I could access it, rather than holding on to items ‘just in case’. Well done to the person who thought of temporary storage – Genius!

As this is a new product, stock levels are limited and we ask that where possible 10 days’ notice is given on any requests, however as always, we will do our best to accommodate any enquiries we receive.

If you have any questions about The Temporary Storage Company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Visit The Temporary Storage Company Website: 

The Temporary Kitchen Company Launch 7th Innovative Product – The Pop-up Shower

The Temporary Kitchen Company’s products have all been created and developed to meet the needs of the customer, our latest product is no exception. The 7th product in our portfolio, the Pop-Up Shower, follows on from the success and popularity of our internal Pop-Up Capsule Kitchen, by bringing shower and washing facilities inside your home.

Losing the use of your shower is a major inconvenience, often resulting in the need to use public showers at the gym, having to call on the kindness of friends and family, or even having to move out. Our unique internal Pop-Up Shower avoids this disruption to busy everyday life, allowing customers to remain at home whilst repair work takes place.

Providing customers with more choice is part of The Temporary Kitchen Company’s ethos, and the Pop-Up Shower does just that. Meeting the needs of customers who have lost use of a bathroom but have a separate toilet available. It is also an option for customers who have their toilet facilities recommissioned whenever repair works are not taking place and do not have adequate outside space available for our Temporary Bathroom Pod.

The Pop-Up shower is built within the home by our own specialist team in under 2 hours. It’s construction, size and innovative design makes it easy to locate in any available space within the property, it doesn’t have to be located next to the bathroom. The Pop-Up Shower is a non-intrusive unit that requires no fixings to the property, the shower is inside a fully enclosed cubicle which eliminates any steam escaping and causing condensation issues. Its footprint is no larger than a standard bathtub and has already been adapted for disabled use.

During our trials, the Pop-Up Shower has been delivered to properties including a fifth floor flat (via a lift) and has been situated in spare rooms, hallways and on landings. On all occasions the feedback from customers has been fantastic – “it’s an absolute marvel, even my grandson wanted to come over to use it!”


Pop-up shower  

The Temporary Kitchen Company Achieves Full Supplier Organisation Accreditation Status

Being a trusted supplier to the financial services and insurance industry is central to the success of The Temporary Kitchen Company. Therefore, we are extremely proud to announce that we recently became a member of the FSQS community (Financial Services Supplier Qualification System), which demonstrates and improves the way we manage risk and compliance for our current clients and future buyers.

As the regulated environment becomes more complex, FSQS provides a highly regarded process for collecting and managing compliance assurance information. This in turn reduces the cost and administration workload associated with pre-qualification and on-going compliance management.

FSQS is currently used by 17 major banks building societies and insurance companies: Lloyds Banking Group, Metro Bank, Santander, TSB, Shawbrook Bank, Aldermore Bank, Clydesdale Bank, LV=, Arbuthnot Latham, Nationwide Building Society, Weatherbys Bank, the Bank of England, Bank of Ireland, Tokio Marine Kiln Virgin Money Royal Sun Alliance and Rugby and Hinckley Building Society.

For more information about FSQS visit

Junior pop-up temporary kitchen

Launch of new Ellesmere Pod and Jr. Capsule Kitchen

The Temporary Kitchen Company are excited to introduce two new products to the alternative accommodation market; enabling more customers to remain in the comfort of their own homes whilst repair work takes place.

We are now delivering more solutions to the AA market than ever before and are always disappointed when we are unable to help a customer who wants to stay at home. This is generally down to available space to house the internal or external kitchen products. The Ellesmere Pod and the Jr. Pop-up Capsule are the fifth and sixth products to be added to the TKC portfolio, developed and created with customers in mind. Our new Kitchen Pod takes into consideration the often-limited space available at customers’ properties and marries together a compact design with the quality and appliances expected of a modern domestic kitchen. The Junior Pop-up Capsule provides the basic requirements of a fully functioning kitchen but still allows flexibility in its design.

Customer choice is at the heart of our service and has driven the development and products from the outset of our business. Our aim with our latest products is to provide insurers with even more options when their customers want to stay in their homes during property repairs.

Our two latest temporary kitchen solutions join our Scarisbrick Pod, Vancouver Pod, Grosvenor Pod and the Pop-Up Capsule Kitchen as a solution and remedy to the upheaval and anxiety caused as a result of having to move into a hotel or rented accommodation during what is already a very stressful time.

The Temporary Kitchen Company wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise

We are delighted to announce that The Temporary Kitchen Company has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

The award is the highest official UK award for a British business and husband and wife owners, Stephen and Emma Trollope, have been invited to attend a Buckingham Palace reception in the summer.

Stephen said: “It’s a huge honour to be recognised by this highly prestigious business award. The Temporary Kitchen Company is a disruptor of the alternative accommodation market and our success is due to both our continued investment in our people plus our ongoing product development.”

Emma said: “We are so proud of what everyone associated with The Temporary Kitchen Company have achieved. A growing number of insurers are recognising the benefits of enabling people to remain in their own homes rather than having to relocate to hotel or rented accommodation.

“Not only does it avoid massive disruption in people’s lives, there is also a substantial cost saving.

“We have created a market that did not previously exist. Our products are both innovative and manufactured to a high specification, helping to give us a customer satisfaction level in excess of 99%.

“We believe the potential saving to the UK insurance industry alone is millions of pounds.”

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are for outstanding achievement by UK businesses in the categories of innovation, international trade, sustainable development, and promoting opportunity through social mobility.

The Temporary Kitchen Company entered the insurance market three years ago and has achieved triple digit growth year on year for the last three years.

The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious awards for UK businesses and are globally recognised.

Now in their 53rd year, the Awards have a long history of recognising exceptional UK businesses. The Queen’s Award to Industry, the scheme’s original title, was instituted by Royal Warrant in 1965, with the first Awards announced in 1966. It later became known as the Queen’s Awards for Export and Technology in 1975, before becoming the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in 1999.

Since their inception almost 7,000 companies have won a Queen’s Award.

New branding and website unveiled for The Temporary Kitchen Company

New branding and website unveiled for The Temporary Kitchen Company

We are proud to unveil our brand new look.

We have been working hard over the past few months with the team at MASON to create a new brand identity for our fast growing company.

To complement our fresh new image we have also launched our new website. It is easy to navigate and is packed with all the information you need on our four key products.

As well as our range of unique and innovative temporary kitchens and bathrooms, there is information on our new Pop-up Capsule Kitchen.

We will also be keeping you up to date with all our news, product development and testimonials from our lovely customers.


Launch of new Pop-up Capsule Kitchen

The Pop-up Capsule Kitchen is our revolutionary new temporary kitchen product.

This fully functional kitchen is perfect for people who do not have the space outside for a temporary kitchen. Because it is smaller than the average 3-seater sofa, our Pop-up Capsule Kitchen can simply be installed in any room.

At just 1m wide by 2.3m in length, it can be installed and commissioned in any room upstairs or downstairs in under two hours.

Each Pop-up Capsule is free standing and does not require any fixings to your walls or floor. The design has been registered with The Patent Office.

Installed in its own capsule, the kitchen comes with a splash back and protective side walls around the sink and hob. There’s also a protective rubber floor and over a meter of counter top preparation space.

Every kitchen comes complete with a Neff induction hob, pans, a fan assisted oven, a sink with hot and cold water, a fridge freezer and an extractor fan as well as wall hung kitchen storage cupboards and under unit lighting. If you require it, we’ve even provided the ability to plumb in and power a washing machine or dishwasher.

Our customers love it because it allows them to stay in their own home rather than having to relocate to a hotel or rented accommodation while work is being carried out in their property.