The Temporary Kitchen Company Launch 7th Innovative Product – The Pop-up Shower

The Temporary Kitchen Company’s products have all been created and developed to meet the needs of the customer, our latest product is no exception. The 7th product in our portfolio, the Pop-Up Shower, follows on from the success and popularity of our internal Pop-Up Capsule Kitchen, by bringing shower and washing facilities inside your home.

Losing the use of your shower is a major inconvenience, often resulting in the need to use public showers at the gym, having to call on the kindness of friends and family, or even having to move out. Our unique internal Pop-Up Shower avoids this disruption to busy everyday life, allowing customers to remain at home whilst repair work takes place.

Providing customers with more choice is part of The Temporary Kitchen Company’s ethos, and the Pop-Up Shower does just that. Meeting the needs of customers who have lost use of a bathroom but have a separate toilet available. It is also an option for customers who have their toilet facilities recommissioned whenever repair works are not taking place and do not have adequate outside space available for our Temporary Bathroom Pod.

The Pop-Up shower is built within the home by our own specialist team in under 2 hours. It’s construction, size and innovative design makes it easy to locate in any available space within the property, it doesn’t have to be located next to the bathroom. The Pop-Up Shower is a non-intrusive unit that requires no fixings to the property, the shower is inside a fully enclosed cubicle which eliminates any steam escaping and causing condensation issues. Its footprint is no larger than a standard bathtub and has already been adapted for disabled use.

During our trials, the Pop-Up Shower has been delivered to properties including a fifth floor flat (via a lift) and has been situated in spare rooms, hallways and on landings. On all occasions the feedback from customers has been fantastic – “it’s an absolute marvel, even my grandson wanted to come over to use it!”


Pop-up shower