Launch of Sister Company – The Temporary Storage Company

We are very excited to announce the launch of sister company, The Temporary Storage Company (TSC), whose goal like The Temporary Kitchen Company (TKC), is to provide customers with choice and convenience during chaos. Both TKC and TSC sit beneath parent company, Temporary Solutions Group.

TSC manufacture, deliver and supply insulated weather tight modular storage pods, fitted with lighting, temperature and humidity control, which can be commissioned by our specialist team in under 4 hours*. The Pod’s unique modular design makes them easy to transport and assemble in any available outdoor space at the property, requiring no fixings or adaptations to the home. To meet the customer’s storage needs the pods are constructed in 2m W x 1m L modules.


  • Provides extra storage room during repairs
  • Scalable – built to customers storage space requirements
  • No removal arrangements or fees
  • No risk of damage to goods through transportation offsite or warehouse movements
  • No travelling to and from storage facility to find goods
  • Access to belongings 24/7
  • Secured with 6 pin mortice lock
  • Temperature and humidity controlled
  • Automatic sensor lighting (internal and external)
  • Modular flatpack design allows delivery through a property
  • No delays in getting goods removed or returned, pre and post repair
  • Avoids delays to program of works
  • No minimum hire periods
  • Adaptable design means door and electrics panels can be located at any point in the pod

Customers also benefit from knowing that this product and service is being delivered by the same TKC team who have built a reputation based on reliability, quality, innovation and customer excellence.

During the pilot, Storage Pods have been delivered to selection of properties to address a number of scenarios:

  • 10m x 2m onsite storage of goods after a house fire (large detached farmhouse property)
  • 4m x 2m of extra storage space to allow for a Pop-Up Capsule Kitchen following a pipe leak (terraced property)
  • 6m x 2m Storage Pod for goods during a substantial property renovation (detached property)

On all occasions the feedback from customers has been fantastic – “the ability to access my goods was a godsend. It actually meant I could free up more space in my property knowing that when I needed something, I could access it, rather than holding on to items ‘just in case’. Well done to the person who thought of temporary storage – Genius!

As this is a new product, stock levels are limited and we ask that where possible 10 days’ notice is given on any requests, however as always, we will do our best to accommodate any enquiries we receive.

If you have any questions about The Temporary Storage Company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Visit The Temporary Storage Company Website: